"It's Alive!"

Currently you will find me playing with Liebermonster.
Go ahead, have a listen:

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Distances Are A Dream
In the solitude of a crowd There is silence in numbers No shouting out loud Grouped to accomplish Unwilling to include Sustained temporarily Consuming all of the food Many routes and connections But they stick with the same Held in by the skull Encapsulating their brain Recollections are blurred The children always stay in It's too cold for a "Legend" And the lights remain dim Distances are a dream And the heart pumps a drought The days drip like wax 'Til the candle's blown out

Rag Doll
Something's on the inside don't open my seams Button for an eye and a yarn thread of dreams Tear in my side from the jagged edge of schemes And a cross stitched pattern holding in all the beans Rag Doll cries for the child that's been locked up inside I've been tossed on the floor I've been kicked out of the way Misplaced below the couch since a month ago today Had a fancy white coat that is now a dusty grey And I'm so damn scared that I'll be put away Rag Doll cries for the child that's been locked up inside Suddenly it seems to my surprise These 2 small hands and big blue eyes Have grabbed me up like some big prize 'Cause there's more to me than material inside

Routine habitual thoughts eluding me Far as I can tell it's just a different me Items out of place, plates are all dirty Gotta pull them weeds a bit so I can see When there is no order, no synchronicity Ain't much but sipping on a glass or 3 I hold the outcome down on one knee I hold the outcome no one but me And it sits my place to sign gently on the line So I'll rewire my mind just kinda killing time